Christmas Eve Crisis

Christmas Eve Crisis 10.2

Christmas Eve Crisis is a fun arcade game for Mac.

Christmas Eve Crisis is an entertaining arcade game suitable for users of all ages. Your goal is to help Santa on his quest and gather and deliver presents in a race against time, while avoiding any collision with owls, rats, plants, insects, and many other.

During the gameplay on the first levels you have access to instructions that teach you how the surrounding creatures or nature objects harm you or the presents you carry. As you complete missions, the game's difficulty increases and more obstacles appear.

A good aspect about Christmas Eve Crisis is the fact that it provides you with an unlimited number of lives. This means that you can restart levels as many times as you want in case you collide with dangerous items.

The thing that bothers about this game is the fact that it brings a small number of levels. Furthermore, the app shuts down when you click the Documentation button.

Even though the game is pretty short, I still believe it's worth trying. The Christmas Eve Crisis application is packed with challenging missions, plenty of obstacles and bonuses, and comes with no price tag.

Ashley Griggs
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Review summary


  • Interactive interface with nicely colored graphics
  • Brings a captivating storyline
  • Saves game progress when completing levels
  • You can replay levels to gain higher scores
  • Unlimited number of lives


  • The app shuts down when clicking the Documentation button
  • Only 10 levels available
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