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Work with a file organizer for different types of materials on your Mac. Build an unlimited number of libraries according to personal specifications and sort articles, documents, notes, archives, etc. Assign custom attributes to your item lists for simplified search and browsing.

Chikoo is a customizable file management and organization utility. When using Finder, the default file manager on the Mac, you are forced to sort files in a finite number of ways. Chikoo's main appeal for me is that you can create different lists to organize different files, and in each list you can choose how you want to sort your files. For example, if one of your lists contains movies, you can add attributes that you want to use for sorting like Director, Release Date, Main actors, etc. You are only limited by your imagination. All the information. The only downside to this that I found is that you have to enter the attribute information manually. Chikoo does not download any information for your files, like other movie managers do. To add the information, you simply need to click on the file and enter it in the appropriate attribute field.

There is another interesting feature called custom types. By default, Chikoo uses the extension to show what type each file is. What you can do, though, is set custom types. For example, you can tell the application that all JPG, GIF and PNG files should be given the type "Images". Hence, such files will be automatically given this type when they are loaded.

I tried importing files by dragging and dropping, but this didn't work. I had to manually import files from within the application one at a time, which is not very convenient.

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  • Customizable types and attributes
  • Different types of lists


  • You seem to have to add files one at a time


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