CherryPicker 2.62

CherryPicker is a utility for editing and converting synthesizer patchfiles.
2.62 (See all)

CherryPicker is an essential utility for auditioning, editing and converting synthesizer patchfiles, especially in conjunction with MOTU's Digital Performer 4.
The first thing that CherryPicker does when it is launched is build a database of all the manufacturers and models it finds in manufacturer device files (middevs). By default, CherryPicker scans all files and folders it finds inside: /Library/Audio/MIDI Devices. (This is the same path used by Apple's AudioMIDI Setup application).

If CherryPicker finds both MOTU and Digidesign middevs in the MIDI Devices folder, it will put up an alert asking you to select which set you want to use for any new entries or changes you make.
CherryPicker uses this information to make sure that every patch file you open (midnam) has a corresponding entry in a middev file. Most sequencers will not recognize patch files unless a middev file contains an entry for the model, and the model has been hooked up with Apple's AudioMIDI Setup app. CherryPicker will automatically create middev files and model entries if they are missing.
When you start CherryPicker for the first time, it will also check whether there is a more recent version available on the web site. You can disable this feature at any time in the Preferences.
Once it has finished opening, CherryPicker waits for you to either 'Open' an existing patchfile in Midnam, Cubase, OMS, or FreeMIDI format, or choose 'New' from the File menu if you are going to create a new patchfile. If CherryPicker cannot find a matching middev entry (it is case-sensitive), it will put up a dialog, and create a new entry for you.
You are now ready to start creating or editing your patchfiles.

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