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CavemanRocks is a platform game for the Mac in 3D.
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Webfoot Technologies, Inc.

CavemanRocks is a platform game for the Mac in 3D. In this game, you control a caveman who has to complete a set of levels, or jungles. You start at one end of the level, and on the other side, there is generally an ape who throws rocks at you. Your objective is to make it to where the ape stands to complete each jungle. You control the caveman with the arrow keys and the space key, with which you can jump.

As you go up through each level, you will have to jump over rocks and from platform to platform to make it up to the end of the level. In some levels, there are moving platform or boxes that you have to use to pass a certain part of the level. While you are trying to make it up, you also have to collect little bones that give you extra points. Once in a while, you will find a club that you can use to destroy falling rocks. This saves you the trouble of jumping over them, but the club only lasts for a few seconds.

In short, CavemanRocks is a simple platform game in 3D. It has bad graphics, the game isn't hard and the overall design of the game leaves a bit to be desired, especially the menus. I wouldn't waste $4.95 on it.

José Fernández
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