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CalcME Is a full featured scientific calculator for iPad.
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CalcME is a Mac application that helps you make calculations on your computer and provides you with accurate results. The program brings you an intuitive interface, lets you choose between two display modes, and uses minimum CPU resources while running on your desktop.

The Basic calculator helps you perform simple arithmetic operations with numbers and decimals while the Scientific one supports functions for trigonometry and algebra. CalcME takes a small amount of time to offer you the accurate results you need.

What's more, the program allows you to save calculation results in case you need to use them later. You can always alter the saved data by adding comments or changing the obtained numbers.

Another aspect I like about this application is the appearance of the calculator. Its steampunk inspired interface looks amazing (steampunk incorporates technology and aesthetic designs - in this case there are mechanical parts).

Briefly, CalcME is a simple yet very useful program for Mac that comes without a price tag and offers you exact results. Nonetheless, OS X's default calculator brings the same features minus the ability to add comments to saved calculation results. So, it's up to you to decide if it's worth installing an additional app on your Mac or not only for this reason.

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  • Simple to use
  • Brings two display modes (Basic and Scientific)
  • Provides you with accurate results
  • Allows you to save equation results for later


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