Calcline 4.3

Calcline allows to have a powerful algebra solver in small strip window taking just a small portion of your Mac screen.

Calcline is an advanced algebraic calculator for the Mac. It was designed to replace the standard calculator app, to allow you to make advanced calculations that were previously not possible with The application supports many different types of mathematical expressions, but it doesn't overlook the simple ones that most users would need on a daily basis.

Calcline can run in three different modes. The first one is called Strip. This is a small window with a text field where you can enter the expressions that you want to solve. The results are shown above the field and a green checkmark will appear when an expression can be solved successfully. The Table mode includes the strip at the bottom, but adds a table where you can enter constants and variables and assign them name. You can use these with your calculations, which saves quite some time. Lastly, the app can be run as a service. The developer claims that you can select any mathematical expression in any application installed on your Mac and have it resolved right there, without having to switch to Calcline. I wasn't able to get this to work, though.

In short, Calcline is a great calculator, which makes it easy to solve mathematical operations. It works very well with basic and advanced expressions, and it is very easy to use.

José Fernández
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  • Three modes
  • Easy to use
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  • I couldn't use it as a service
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