Bubble Mix 3 in 1 Plus

Bubble Mix 3 in 1 Plus 1.2

A color matching game with three different variations.
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NER Brothers

Bubble Mix 3 in 1 Plus is a matching game with three different variations: Shooter, Invasion, and Remove. In each the goal is to clear as much of the screen as possible by creating and/or identifying matching adjacent circles. Circles differ in color and in contained shape, so even the colorblind can enjoy this one.

Shooter is akin to Puzzle Bobble and other match-three shooters, with increasing difficulty in the form of new colors and with wild-card circles that can match multiple colors. Invasion provides a shallow and slowly filling pit of circles which can be diminished by clicking matches of at least two. Remove is a time-unlimited elimination puzzle with the goal of emptying a full screen of circles. The specific levels in all three are generated randomly upon selection of game type; it's unclear whether this process always creates a solvable configuration, but from the simplistic design of the game's other aspects, I wouldn't hold out hope.

Sam's Protip: In puzzles like the one this app calls "Remove," it's a good rule of thumb to work from the top down. Matches on top should be taken advantage of before lower shifts disrupt them - unless, of course, there's a bigger or more necessary match waiting below.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Easy access to three different match game styles
  • Colorblind-friendly and kid-friendly


  • Remove" game can end prematurely
  • Excessively slow starting pace for "Invasion" and "Shooter"
  • Too easy to start a new game, thereby erasing any progress in the current one
  • Uninspiring audiovisuals
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