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An application that allows you to save and load window positions on the screen.
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Breeze allows users to work efficiently with multiple windows opened on the desktop. With this tool you will be able to save the position of single or multiple windows and restore it once it has changed. In comparison to similar window management applications, Breeze features a more simplistic approach to positioning windows, that comes at the cost of flexibility and customization capabilities.

The application lies in the menu bar, making it very easy to access. To each window state you may associate a keyboard shortcut and an appropriate name for its function. Breeze can rescue offscreen windows (that only display a small piece of their window); the utility resizes and brings the window to the center of the screen.

Breeze will certainly enhance your work when dealing with multiple windows, but it falls short of popular features present in most window managers: automatic window tiling, stacking, hiding and maximizing. No presets are available which means you will have to define positions for each application window, attach and remember a keyboard shortcut for each. Overall, if you need a more flexible window management tool, you may want to look elsewhere.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Saves single and multiple window positions
  • Restore window state
  • Rescue windows


  • No presets for resizing windows automatically
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