Boxshot VR 1.5

Create virtual 3D objects in HTML5 for the web.
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Boxshot VR converts a row or grid of images to a pseudo-3d object that you can rotate with the mouse or finger. You may use real photos or rendered images, the result is always beautiful. Zero web-programming skills is required - Boxshot VR takes care about everything. Load your images and get a ready for uploading HTML file. Amazing results with just a few mouse clicks. Boxshot VR produces valid HTML5 code. Your virtual 3d objects will work in all the modern browsers, mobile phones and pads.
What's new in this version:
Autoplay animation speed - you can configure the animation speed in turns per second; Rotation speed - this helps you to control how fast is the object rotated when the use drags a mouse. Explained here in more details; Activate by click - this helps to save some traffic, as VR object is not loaded automatically, so the user needs to click it first.

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