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Speed up and simplify access to favourite websites.
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Improve the productivity of various operations in your browser. Check out a bookmarking assistant for creating quick access shortcuts to your favourite websites. Additionally, open entire groups of websites and use them at the same time without prorogued search.

Bookmarks is a great productivity tool which allows you to open your favorite websites with only a single click from your Mac's menu bar. With Bookmarks, you can even open a group of websites which you use together in an easy and extremely fast way. These are some of the coolest things you can do with it:
· Keep all your favorite websites organized and tidy.
· Save a lot of time by making all your bookmarks from all your web browsers available at the same place.
· Make them accessible with a single click from the menu bar, even inmediately after login.
· Import your bookmarks from Safari, Chrome and Mozilla Firefox in a really easy way.
· Create bookmark groups containing websites which you usually visit together and open them in tabs.
You can learn more about Bookmarks or ask us any question by visiting our website.

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