Bollix 1.0

Word game based on a possibly familiar real-life game.
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Bollix is a word game based on a possibly familiar real-life game. Find as many words as possible on a 4x4 board of random letters in three minutes. Longer words award more points.
At the moment, Bollix is a one- or two-player game. I don't have much confidence in the networking code yet, which is why I consider this version to be Òalpha.Ó Ultimately I'd like to have network games with an arbitrary number of players. What's New
Version 1.0a3:
- Added two-player network play with chat
- If you close the game window, the program quits
- Fixed a crash caused by failed connections to the dictionary server
- Rearranged main window and dictionary panel
- Dictionary panel has clickable links
- Changed timer to hourglass in toolbar
- Removed 103,939 questionable words from the lexicon Requirements
PPC, Mac OS X 10.3 or later

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