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Keep your notes, tasks and passwords in one app.

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Keep your notes, tasks and passwords in one app. Bluenote makes being productive beautiful.
"I can’t help but admit that Bluenote really is one of the best notes apps out there." — AppStorm
“Bluenote is fun to use and just gets out of the way so you can do what you need to do.”  — TUAW
Bluenote automatically encrypts, saves and syncs on the fly. It's a fantastic app, exclusively for the Mac.
Some data is always relevant. Notes, to do lists, passwords, things you reach for every few minutes. Wouldn't it be great if there was an app that organized them, encrypted them, synced them and helped you through them with a beautiful interface? Bluenote is a beautiful way to be more productive.

Key features:
■ Smart Interface: An intelligent, usable interface, optimized for Retina displays and OS X Mountain Lion.
■ Fully Encrypted: Bluenote secures everything you type using AES-256 encryption and locks it with a password.
■ Notepad: Your notes are easy to organize, sort, and label with icons in Bluenote's notepad.
■ Tasks: Keep track of your accomplishments for the day and figure out what's next.
■ Password Manager: Safely store and manage your passwords for Email, Facebook and more in Bluenote.
■ Intelligent Passwords: Bluenote uses advanced techniques to separate your good and bad passwords.
■ Quick Search: Bluenote finds what you're looking for the moment you begin typing in the search bar.
■ Saves Everything: There's no save button — Bluenote encrypts and stores everything automatically.
■ Cloud Sync: Your data syncs safely across your Dropbox account, so that all your Macs are up to date.
■ 100+ Icons to help you label and sort your notes and data.

Use Bluenote to:
■ Manage your notes, tasks and passwords all from one app.
■ Securely sync all your important data over the cloud with one click.
■ Type notes and email them to colleagues with a click.
■ Keep your classwork or job priorities organized.
■ Store all your passwords in a single, encrypted organizer.
■ Measure the strength of your passwords, or let Bluenote generate strong passwords for you.

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