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Open source editor for programmers with support for multiple languages.
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Bluefish provides programmers and developers with all the tools needed to create and edit their source files; we have come to expect quite a bit from our modern day editors like code folding, auto-completion, tabbed based interface, syntax highlighting and Bluefish has it all and even comes with a few surprises of its own. What's more, the application is distributed as an open source tool which makes it free to use.

Bluefish has a clean interface and intuitive design with quick and convenient access to all of its functions, most of which are placed on its toolbar. It includes a file browser and can manage multiple files in projects. Users will certainly enjoy a selection of snippets spanning across multiple programming and markup languages that will up their work. Bluefish can integrate other applications for advanced text processing and error detection.

Another interesting feature is the ability to auto recover changes made to a code in case of an application crash, system shutdown or accidental program termination.

All in all, Bluefish should suit both advanced and novice programmers looking for a highly flexible and free source editor.

Rory Shaffer
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