Blog.Mac 1.2

Integrate custom blogs and web pages with a Mac account.
1.2.2 (See all)
Publish custom pages and blogs. Associate the utility with on your Mac account and write texts, import images, attach links, etc. Save the results and process them to create an HTML structure. Quickly access data from iTunes, iPhoto, and other services.

Blog.Mac is the easiest way to publish your own Web page or blog on your .Mac account.
Quickly create your own page, include pictures from your iPhoto albums, share your favorite iTunes playlist, pick from one of the 15 included templates, and click a button to instantly publish your new blog on the Internet. Show your readers what you are listening to with live updates from iTunes and plug in your iSight camera for live webcam snapshots published right on your blog. Blog pages are automatically converted to RSS feeds for newsreaders.
Blog.Mac is easy enough for anyone to start their own Web page but is flexible enough for experienced bloggers.

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