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Bible Study 5.4

This app helps you analyze the contents of the Bible.
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This application provides you with all the tools you need to analyze the contents of the Bible. The program gives you access to three Bible versions (American Standard, English Standard, and King James), allows you to take notes and bookmark passages, and brings you an integrated search tool.

Bible Study comes with an intuitive and nicely-designed interface, lets you customize text style settings according to your needs, and enables you to reveal or hide its main toolbar and side bar. What's more, the utility gives you access to an easy way to navigate through Bible pages, bookmark the passages that matter to you, and much more.

Besides offering you study material from three pre-loaded Bible versions, this application also allows you to download or buy additional eBooks, illustrated collections, and others, directly from its main window. You first need to create a personal account on the homepage of the developer and afterwards you can start downloading content.

Another advantage is the fact that you can back up and sync your notes and bookmarks to your Olive Tree account. This way, you can access the stored information anytime you're not around your Mac.

All in all, Bible Study is a helpful and feature-rich application. So, I'd say it's worth installing it on your Mac if you wish to read or analyze the contents of various Bible versions.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Intuitive interface
  • Provides you a lot of study material
  • Comes with an integrated search tool
  • Allows you to download or buy study material from its main window
  • Lets you bookmark passages


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