Beo4VRC 1.4

Free Control MediaCentral, EyeTV, Front Row, and iTunes.
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The Beo4 Virtual Remote Control allows you to operate MediaCentral, EyeTV, Front Row, iTunes, iPhoto, using the common Beo4 remote control from Bang & Olufsen. Actually you can use the following Beo4 functions to control the applications like mentioned above. PC, L-PC, V.AUX, V.MEM, V.TAPE. This depends on how the Mac is connected to the Bang & Olufsen environment.
What's new in this version:
Changed from status eto to finished. some changes to documentation changes in iTunes (fast forward/rewind) changes to iPhoto (Seach funktion)
Please read the documentation regarding all new functions.
In short:
all functions now are available in applescript
use your Beo4 to enter some Text in the search field of iTunes or iPhoto
use your Beo4 to play some Games in MediaCentral
Beo4VRC aonly wokr...



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