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BeHealthy is a very nice productivity tool for the Mac. It can make the difference between a stressful day and sore eyes and a productive day without any problems. Anyone who works long hours starring at a computer screen can tell you that prolonged computer use can cause a lot of problems. In my case, it isn't the back, or waist or stress, it is the eyes. The only way to prevent getting sore eyes is to take regular breaks. BeHealthy can be programmed to tell you when to take a break from working on your Mac. The application sits on your Menubar, and it will count down from 600 seconds (10 minutes) by default. When the 10 minutes are up, you will be asked to take a small break. Looking at something that is not your computer for 30 seconds can make a difference. But, of course, the application can be customized to warn every 20 minutes, 40 minutes, or even more, and you can also customize the break time. When a break is due, your screen will be blocked and a count-down timer will tell you how much break time is left. You can either post-pone the break if you have something too important to finish, or extend it, to take more time.

If you click on the Menubar icon, a window will pop-up showing you how long it is until your next break. There is a bug, though. If you click the cross to close the window, the whole application will close. And you will have to restart it.

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  • Great way to remind yourself of taking breaks


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  • Avoid eyes problems
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