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Beauty Hunt is a game in which you have to spot the difference.
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Weikuan Zhou

Beauty Hunt is a game in which you need to spot the difference. There are many game modes and the differences are really not that easy to find, which makes the game rather challenging. The game modes are Classical, Random, Challenge, Insane, Mirror and Leisure. Each mode has a great number of images with differences that you have to find quickly to earn three hearts. When you do that, you advance to the next level.

Mostly, I played the "Classical" game mode, in which two pictures are shown side by side. You can click on the differences in either photo and there are usually three of them per level. If you click somewhere where there is no difference you will suffer a time penalty, and a few seconds will be taken from the remaining time.

The first time that you play the game, you will get some hints that you can use to reveal the differences, but when you run out, you will only be able to get more by exchanging the hearts that you get for completing the levels. I had fun playing this game, but I soon got frustrated when I couldn't find some of the differences. I guess that is the point. I ended up using all my hints too quick and I got stuck at level 4. Thankfully, when you lose a level, sometimes you will have to play it again, but with a different photo.

In short, Beauty Hunt is a challenging game that can be fun or frustrating, depending on how patient you are. There are a variety of game modes available and a nice hint system.

José Fernández
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  • Lots of modes
  • Challenging
  • Nice interface


  • The music is repetitive
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