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Beat the bomb is an arcade racing game for the Mac.
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Christopher McGrath

Beat the bomb is an arcade racing game for Mac. The objective of the game is simple, you have to drive as fast as you can and finish each level before the timer runs down to zero. You drive a small sports car that in all honesty seems to have a life of its own.

Some times it will flip and go in the air for no apparent reason, especially after it has taken damage, which makes it really hard to stay on the road and finish a race. The maximum speed which you can attain is around 110 miles. You can make some headway in long stretches at that speed, but unless you really slow down before a curve, you will lose a lot of time.

There are ramps and other terrain features that you can use to jump in the air, but I advise against it. I wasn't able to land a single jump successfully. There are power-ups that increase your speed and repair your car after it has been damaged. You should really try to get those because when it is damaged, the car is really hard to maneuver.

The graphics aren't really anything to write home about. They look like a PC game made 10 years ago. That wouldn't be too bad if the game was fun to play, but I found it frustrating to not be able to drive the car in a straight line for too long.

José Fernández
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  • Inexpensive


  • The car is hard to drive at times, even when you are careful
  • Not the best graphics
  • Too short
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