Battle Snake 1.0

Battle Snake is a dynamic 3D adaptation of the classic Snake game.
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Battle Snake is a dynamic 3D adaptation of the classic Snake game. Instead of controlling the movements of a flat line on a flat screen, the player controls a weaponed serpentine robot that is constantly leaping and diving in an aquatic enclosure. Popping the bubbles that slide around on the surface of the water opens the gate to the next level ever-so-slightly; the player must determine when the gap is big enough for them to fit.

As the game's splash screen indicates, it was created by an amateur programmer as a training exercise; the reason it wasn't initially commercialized as-is soon shows. Random audio clicks and pops complement a large amount of black smoke that appears and disappears for no apparent reason, obscuring gameplay. Bugs abound to the extent that stress-free practice mode starts to seem much more worthwhile than standard level progression.

At the same time, the concept behind this Snake adaptation is not a bad one. The constant leaping and diving introduces the ability to cross over oneself with skillful timing. The next-level gate is an ingenious gameplay element. It's also just fun to shoot flame. Flamethrowers redeem everything.

Sam's Protip: Make use of the secondary (tracking) camera. It's arguably more useful, especially if you're trying to dive under or over yourself.

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  • Innovative approach to a classic game
  • Great graphics for an amateur game


  • Program doesn't make the most of idea's potential
  • Bugs limit gameplay effectiveness



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