Battle Bears -1 is a 3D first person shooter for the Mac.
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Battle Bears -1 is a 3D first person shooter. You can play as three different bears named Oliver, Riggs and Wil. There are two game modes: Campaign and Survival. I played the first few minutes of the campaign mode and I liked what I saw. The game is full of humor, both in its story and the great voice acting. I have to admit that I found myself laughing at all the nonsense that I was hearing. During the first mission, you find yourself trying to escape from a ship. The ship's computer has gone crazy and it is trying to kill you, so are different types of toy bears. Before your encounter with the ship's computer, you find a shotgun that has unlimited ammo. You can kill some of the bears with one shot, while others take some more determination.

The game features alright graphics and good controls. You move your character with the "W", "A", "S", "D" keys and with your mouse you do the aiming and shooting.

The survival mode will appeal to anyone who likes to shoot limitless hordes of enemies.

In short, Battle Bears -1 features an entertaining story line with tons of funny lines and appearances. It is easy to play, but it might get boring after a while.

José Fernández
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  • Entertaining campaign mode
  • Good controls
  • Fun


  • It gets too repetitive
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