Battery Inspector

Battery Inspector 1.1

Battery Inspector lets you keep tabs on your Mac's battery.

Battery Inspector lets you keep tabs on your Mac's battery. The first thing that Battery Inspector tells you is whether your Mac has a battery installed. Mac Minis and iMacs don't have one, so this app is pretty useless for them. If you own a Macbook, then you can make good use of this app.

The app is divided into 4 tabs: General, Battery Status, Battery Health, and Settings. General shows if there is a battery, its name, serial number, manufacturer, manufacturing date and firmware serial number. Battery Status shows current data for your battery. It shows its voltage, amperage, temperature, current charge and percentage, whether there is a charger connected or if its fully charged or currently charging.

Battery Health deals with the status of your battery over time. Here, you can find how many cycles your battery has, the current capacity and the capacity of your battery when it was first installed on your Mac. As you may know, batteries degrade over time and they hold less of a charge. Lastly, the Settings tab lets you change the temperature unit and it allows you to display a notification when the battery charge goes below 20% or when the battery is fully charged.

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  • It provides you with real-time info about your battery in a nice interface


  • You can check the same information in System Profiler
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