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Don't you love it when your favorite team makes the playoffs or is otherwise
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Don't you love it when your favorite team makes the playoffs or is otherwise playing in some high profile game which is being broadcast nationally on some major network rather than with your local broadcast team? But don't you hate it that you can't listen to your favorite local radio broadcasters especially in the very biggest games of the year?!? Well the obvious answer is to turn the TV volume down and watch the game while listening to the local radio announcers. Unfortunately, the TV broadcast of the game is usually delayed by anywhere from 6 seconds to several minutes whereas the radio broadcast has no such delay on it, making syncing up the radio broadcast and TV broadcast highly annoying and nearly impossible.
BatCrack Radio Delay is a simple utility to delay your incoming audio by a user-definable amount. All you need is a radio and a small cable to connect the radio to the audio input on your Mac. After connecting up, fire up BatCrack, turn up the volume and set a delay time. With a few seconds of trial and error, you can fine tune the delay time to perfectly sync up the swing with the crack of the bat! Now you're listening to your favorite announcers during the most important games of the year!
The easiest way to enjoy BatCrack Radio Delay is to use a transistor radio and a 1/8 inch (3.5mm) stereo mini-to-mini cable.
Plug one end of the cable to the audio output (or headphone out) of your radio, plug the other end into the line input of your Mac.
Turn on your radio and turn up the radio's volume. You probably won't hear anything yet.
Fire up BatCrack. Make sure to choose 'Built-in Input' for your Input, and 'Built-in Output' for your Output.
Turn up the volume in BatCrack. You should hear your radio. Make sure it's properly tuned to your favorite sports broadcast. If you hear a lot of distortion, try turning down the volume on your radio until the distortion goes away.
Once you have a decent sounding signal coming through BatCrack, go ahead and try different delay times. Most TV broadcasts will be delayed by at least 10 seconds, and sometimes as much as several minutes. Start with 15 seconds (a good starting place) and keep adding or subtracting time until you feel the TV and Radio are in sync.
Enjoy the game. I hope your team wins! (Unless they're playing against my team!)

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