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Basketball Trivia 1.4

Basketball Trivia is a family game developed for Mac.
1.4.4 (See all)
Make It So Studios

Basketball Trivia is a fun family game that provides you with questions related to NBA (National Basketball Association). The app might come in handy whenever you're organizing a family get together or call your friends over and require an entertaining way to spend your quality time.

This game was created for people who are into playing games like Wheel Of Fortune or Hangman. You can choose from three types of questions per round. For example, you can select Medium -> Awards. The scoring type depends on the difficulty level of the question: Easy - 2 points, Medium - 4 points, and Hard - 7 points.

For each question answer you have access to a certain amount of letters which need to be placed on top of the empty cells. There's no time limit for giving your answer and you can always rearrange the letters from the cells.

A good aspect is that the app provides you with useful hints. You can acquire extra hints directly from the app's interface or launch the game every day to receive more free clues.

This free version doesn't give you access to all questions. You need to make in-app purchase in order to unlock all content. The acquiring price is reasonable and definitely worth it if you're into this type of games.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Simple interface
  • Lets you choose the difficulty level and question type
  • Offers you hints
  • You can disable sound and special effects if necessary


  • Couldn't find any disadvantages
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