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iLike Basket is an arcade basketball game for Mac.
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iLike Basket is an arcade basketball game for Mac. It isn't a simulation, and there are not any players in the game. The goal is to make as many baskets as you can in the allotted time. There is only one game mode and only a few settings that you can change. Those are music, sounds and effects. You can turn those off or on. By default, they are only one.

When you click on new game, you will see a short count-down and then you can start shooting basketballs. Usually, you start from behind the three point-line. To shoot the basketball, you simply have to move the mouse to select a trajectory for the ball. If your trajectory is too straight, the ball will be shot out of bounds. You want to use a high trajectory for better accuracy. There is a bonus modifier. If you make a few shots in a row, you will get a 2X bonus, and so on. I think that if you miss a lot of shots, the game gives you a little help and it establishes the trajectory for you for a couple of shots, but after that you are on your own again. The game doesn't use real basketball score. The first shot that I made, without any bonus modifier active, gave me 34 points.

In short, this is a free and somewhat entertaining game. Of course, it will get old really fast, but it is fun, nonetheless.

José Fernández
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