BaseElements 3.0

Analyze FileMaker Pro databases.
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BaseElements is a new FileMaker Pro developer tool that imports Database Design Reports generated by FileMaker Pro Advanced to give you a complete overview of your FMP solution. As well as a cross-reference of every element in your all of your database files, BaseElements gives you easy access to lists of Errors, Unreferenced Objects and also potential Warning issues. BaseElements takes a different approach to FileMaker solution analysis, using very standard and familiar methodologies to viewing and reporting on your data, so that experienced FileMaker Pro developers can quickly and easily find exactly the information they're after. BaseElements is available as both standalone fp7 files, or as a Runtime application giving you the choice of how you work.
What's new in this version:
Added auto checking for standard libxsl errors and switching to XML imports. Added more dialogs and checks for errors in the import process. Added error checking for translated versions of Field and Table missing errors. Altered the csv import option to properly import items with quote marks in the name. Fixed issues with importing of Sort data and relationships. Fixed issues with importing on FileVault volumes. Fixed a d...

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