BannerZest 3.1

A tool for creating web banners with the help of a set of predefined themes.
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BannerZest is a tool for creating web banners with the help of a set of predefined themes, aimed at non-professionals. Flash and HTML5 banners are supported and they can be viewed on iPhone and iPad browsers.
The utility offers 30 ready-made themes for Flash and 14 for HTML5. Users will drag and drop the image that they are interested in to the utility window and choose the theme that is the most appealing to them from the Inspector window. The image can be resized and cropped from the image editor. The Inspector window offers some editing options for the media file too, such as border width and corner shape. These image editing options still remain just a few and many users would probably prefer for a wider array of such options to be available. Audio files can be added to the banner. The Settings tab from the Inspector window allows for banner settings to be adjusted: size, border, title, subtitle, animation, layout, transition and a few others. Layout settings, for example, allow for the position of the image, title and subtitle to be adjusted given the X-Y coordinates. Setting changes that are made in the Inspector can be seen in the application window as they are made, for better control over the final results.
Briefly, BannerZest is a tool that allows for web banners to easily be created, by using ready-made Flash and HTML5 themes and adjusting a reasonably wide array of banner settings.

Margie Smeer
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  • Banners can easily be created using predefined Flash and HTML5 themes
  • There are 30 Flash and 14 HTML5 themes available
  • A reasonably wide array of banner settings can be adjusted for customizing the banner
  • Image and audio files can be included in the banner
  • Several audio file formats are supported (e.g. MP3, AAC, AIF, M4A, WAV)


  • Few image editing options
  • The audio file cannot be edited. It would be useful to be able to select just a fragment of the audio file in order to use it as media in the banner
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