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It is an image-editing tool that helps you remove unwanted areas from a photo.
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Background Eraser is an image-editing tool that allows you to remove unwanted areas from a photo. This way, the application helps you save a picture without its original background or remove objects you don't wish to keep in the resulting image.

The preview takes the largest part of the interface, so that you can have a clear and proper view of the digital photo you intend to adjust. For more accurate precision, you may use the zoom in and zoom out buttons, which you can use to magnify those picture areas that need to be fixed and, subsequently, bring the image back to its original size for a global overview. The editing tools are placed conveniently in the main window, near the working pane, so that you can enable the program’s features with ease.

Selecting the image area you want to preserve is done by simply tracing a green line around the picture area you wish to keep. The same procedure needs to be applied with those patches that are meant to be removed, except that the marker is now red colored. A finer image correction can be done by using the brush tool, which will let you cover specific parts of the image using colors from the background. Conversely, you have the ability to replace background zones with elements from the main image in your photo.

The program is limited to removing image areas and preserving the elements that interest you most. You won't find additional editing features, like adjusting brightness or contrast, applying special effects or watermarks, and compressing or resizing the resulting picture. For refined editing you need to appeal to a third-party and more specialized image editor that supports PNG files, since this is the only output format that Background Eraser supports.

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  • Extracts picture areas
  • Removes image background
  • Fine correction using a brushing tool
  • Generous preview
  • Zoom in and out functions


  • No advanced editing features
  • Outputs only into PNG format
  • The undo function isn't placed on the main window (it is hidden into the drop-down menu)


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