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Transcodes, filters, cuts, demuxes, muxes and makes corrections to videos.
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Avidemux is an open-source video editor and converter. The program supports most of the operations you can perform on videos, such as transcoding, filtering, cutting, demuxing, muxing, adding subtitles and making corrections. In spite of its name, it supports many formats other than AVI, such as MP4, ASF, DVD, MPEG and MKV. What is more, it has an extensive built-in collection of video and audio encoders; yet, this does not mean you will not need to download some extra encoders from time to time.

Probably the weakest point of this tool is its graphical user interface, which looks somewhat outdated. Besides, its layout does not really help making the program easier to use. Still, I do not think you will have much trouble to carry out at least the basic operations.

One of the best advantages of the tool is that it allows extracting specific video or audio tracks from a file, provided it comes with various of them. Similarly, it can help you pack multiple tracks into a single video file. Moreover, it lets you cut out a specific segment and make color corrections. Some visual effects can also be applied. In the case of subtitles, you can import them from external files, with support of popular formats like SUB, SSA, ASS and SRT.

Other advantages of Avidemux include its support of batch processing and the possibility of using it from the command line. Moreover, if you know how to create your own scripts, you can easily automate some of the processes.

All in all, Avidemux is a very complete tool for video editing, fixing and converting available for free. I just hope that future versions come with an enhanced interface, which takes into account that not everybody is a computer geek.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports batch processing
  • Compatible with many formats
  • Allows most video-related operations
  • Command line
  • Automates some processes
  • Cross-platform


  • Outdated interface
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