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Free The program was created especially for clone/burn/backup any Blu-ray on Mac.
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This tool that is integrated with advanced Blu-ray discs descryption technology allows Mac users to decrypt most Blu-ray discs/ISO with AACS or BD+ protection perfectly. The program was created especially for clone/burn/backup any Blu-ray on Mac. With Aurora Blu-ray Copy you can create an ISO image of the Blu-ray disc, which is perfect for backup on Mac hard disk and more.

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John Tann
I decided to give it a go, so I hooked up a 50 ft. Cat 6 ethernet cable directly to my Router/T capsule where I wanted to store the copy. My gosh, granted I picked the ISO copy so it'd be 1:1 but goodness gracious great balls of "taking forever or what". It's 3:00 a.m. now I started the download at 4:45 P.M. and it's only 60% done getting there. Either somethings wrong or this is nuts. Granted it's 45 GB of data but still, my computer is faster than snot, is the TC that slow at writing data, I know it's a 5400 RPM Drive Sata II and Ethernet on Cat 6 is 1000 mbps but it's looking like over 20 hours. I transferred 95 GB of music wirelessly in 10 hours. So it's doing a lot more than transferring. It's transferring multiple times to get all the regions unlocked I suppose. Is there an easier way to do this process, faster that is and accomplish the same thing. I'm worried that its not even working its that bad. Would a 10,000 RPM hard drive with Thunderbolt make any difference or what, I don't think so due to the fact that my internet connection is being used by the maker of this software to do it's job which it may very well be doing. My internet connection is about 16Megs and is faster then nearly any house hold internet connection with the exception of some lucky radical users. ALL my friends are running 3.0 or dial up. It'd be impossible to do this with that and fruitless. I'm spending more in wear and tear and electricity than the darn Blu Ray is worth. Something must be wrong, this puppy is hard wired to the hard drive/router which is connected to this high speed modem within one foot, where is the ease of use here. Why don't I see any information about how to speed things up. I'd get a faster hard drive but it still has to be connected to the internet which goes thru my TC has it's controlling the network. Maybe using a Super Fast super expensive Thunderbolt HD connected directly to the computer and the computer connected directly to the high speed modem would speed things up but this is far from being an easy set up. Forget wireless that's for sure. All I need is a power outage and I've crashed and burned the whole system probably cause it's so hot, I'm joking but an outage is a possibility. So now I need automatic AC back up just to save one blu ray transfer. Mother of pearl. Where are some useful directions that explain how to speed things up. I loaded over 100 CDs in 4 hours. I don't know the volume of data that was but it sure was a lot of songs, like over 1000. This is one movie. I can see why this stuff is free for about a week or so then maybe the real software works faster or something. I either doing it wrong or it's flat out slow as poop on a slow day and my equipment is NOT SLOW, it's fast. The drive in my computer is Solid State, Sata III so whatever it's doing is faster then just about any drive on the market, but as I said I aiming it at the TC and a huge Back up drive behind the TC hardwired and wowser. Won't be doing this again, might as well buy the disc if I have to rent it for several days just to download. HELP.

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