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AudioBook Creator 4.0

Audiobook creator enables the creation of audiobooks from ebooks.
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Audiobook creator enables the creation of audiobooks from ebooks. It converts ebooks to audiobooks using text to speech technology. You can listen to it on the go with a music player, smart phone or on your computer. The generated audiobook is the default iTunes MPEG-4 Audio Book file (m4b), and it can be used in iTunes, or transferred to ipod. iphones or iPad. The advantage of m4b file is iTunes, iPhone or iPad will always remember the audiobook track's position you listened unlike regular mp3 or m4a files, so you can always continue listening from where you left off. Converts ebooks to audiobook epub, pdf, ibooks, html, txt e-book files supported Creates default itunes formats so you can listen on mobile devices Lots of free and paid books available on the digital publishers website, and audiobook can handle all of them Sandboxed, no internet connection is required Reads only DRM free e-book files.
Audiobooks are great while commuting or when you have no time to sit down and read.
Audiobook creator uses text to speech technology provided by Mac OS X and it supports all the languages that are supported by Mac. Make sure to go to application preferences to select your desired voice for the language. Additional voices can be downloaded in system settings.
The ebooks have to be DRM free, otherwise it will not work. Currently it only supports epub ebook file formats. It is the most popular ebook format and there are lot of digital publishers who offer books in this format for free or paid. Please see the website for more about the publishers.

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