Audio Switcher

Audio Switcher 2.5

Switch between audio input and output components.
2.8  (47 votes)
2.5.6 (See all)
Spike Software Inc.
Manage the audio devices connected to your Mac. Identify all input and output hardware recognized by the system and select and select several or all of them to switch between after pressing a customized hotkey. Automatically detect new connected devices.

Audio Switcher is a utility that allows you to quickly switch your audio input/output between different components. It's designed to work with many device types, such as USB, FireWire, and AirPlay devices. Audio Switcher resides in the Status Bar, making it conveniently accessible from any application. Audio Switcher automatically detects when audio devices are connected or disconnected and you can even set a given device as your default input or output device and Audio Switcher will switch to this device anytime it is connected. Setting default levels will allow Audio Switcher to set the volume/gain level to your desired level. Excluding devices will prevent a device from appearing in the menu or in the Levels or Defaults tabs in the Preferences (Built-in devices cannot be excluded).

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