Audio Book Transformer

Audio Book Transformer 1.0

Audio Book Transformer makes use of a Virtual CD-RW to automate.

Audio Book Transformer makes use of a Virtual CD-RW to automate the burn / rip cycle to convert Audio Books to any supported iTunes music format.
Audio Book Transformer uses a Virtual CD-RW to automate the process of burning and ripping an audio book to any supported iTunes format.

Audio Book Transformer uses the iTunes importers and selects the importer that you want to use without changing any of the import settings. Audio Book Transformer will use your iTunes import settings, it does not change them.
Using Audio Book Transformer is easy:
Install the included Virtual CD-RW
Launch iTunes
Create a new playlist for the audio book(s) you want to convert
Drag the audio book tracks into the new playlist
Launch Audio Book Transformer
Select the play list that you want to import from the popup list
Select the format that you want to import from the popup list
Click the Convert button

Audio Book Transformer does the rest for you. When the operation is complete you will have a new playlist in iTunes that contains the imported files.

In addition to converting the audio books you can have Audio Book Converter automatically keep a copy of the Virtual CD Disk Images and if you register the bundled copy of Virtual CD-RW it can mount those disk images for use at any time.
System Requirements:


Mac OS X 10.4 or later

iTunes 8 or iTunes 9 oe iTunes 10

GUI Scripting enabled in the Universal Access System Preference

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