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Athlete's Diary is a utility that can help you stay on top of your workouts.
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Athlete's Diary is a utility that can help you stay on top of your fitness efforts. It allows you to keep a record of all your workouts. Simultaneously it keeps statistics for each of them, that you can later study with the help of graphs and a calendar.

The first thing that you need in order to make full use of the application is to add a list of all the sports that you do, so you can easily select them when adding a workout. There are twelve sports available, including running, rowing, aerobics, weights and walking. You can add abbreviations for them for easy selection.

Once your sports are loaded, you can head into the data entry tab to enter all the details for your workout. I am a runner, so I set the sport to running and proceeded to add my first log. I was able to enter distance, time, pace and speed (which is automatically deducted from your distance and time data). Then, below that, I could add notes about the route I took and any other comments I thought were relevant. At the bottom, I saw all the recent entries that I made in a tidy chart.

The magic of this application can only be appreciated once you have added a few workouts, because you can make use of the calendar and the graphs, which show your data in a clear fashion. Something I really liked was that the calendar shows the total kilometers I ran for each week and the totals for 2013.

In short, this application could be improved by letting you add sports manually and by letting you add nutrition information as well. I personally think it is a nice program, but the competition is fierce, and there are many apps like this with a better design, cloud integration and many other features, and some of those are even free.

JF Senior editor
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  • Calendars
  • Graphs
  • Easy data entry


  • No nutrition data entry
  • Limited sports
  • Not the most appealing user interface



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