Artwork Gofer

Artwork Gofer 2.3

Searches and assigns cover images to iTunes files.
2.7  (78 votes)
2.3.1 (See all)
Update and improve the visual representation of audio albums and eBooks in your iTunes library by automatically searching for suitable cover images and installing them. The suite works with single directories or performs batch searches based on set parameters.

Artwork Gofer lets you find cover images for your iTunes albums and e-books and add them to the albums' tracks or to the e-book. Select any number of tracks or e-books in iTunes, click the Search Artwork menu command from the iTunes Scripts menu and get the available artworks in the Artwork window of the Artwork Gofer application.
Select a cover image that you like and click the Add Artwork button to add this artwork to the album's tracks. If for some reason an artwork was not found for an album, you always can alter the album's title and/or artist in the Artwork Gofer application (not in iTunes - iTunes remains unchanged) and search again.

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