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Stream media contents to multiple wireless devices.
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ArkMS is intended for playing the media you keep on your computer on a wide range of devices. Thus, this tool can stream practically any kind of media contents, including music, movies and photos, to smart TVs, PlayStations, Android devices, iPhone, iPad and Xbox. It even supports playing music through wireless speakers.

The application is very easy to use. It works as a server you can access from other devices that support a wireless connection. All you need to do is to add those local folders you want to make available for the other devices. Fortunately, this streaming-media server is powerful enough to support simultaneous playback on various client devices smoothly. In this respect, it allows streaming high-definition video with no delay whatsoever. Likewise, it lets you watch slideshows of your locally stored photographs on your TV, for instance.

All in all, ArkMS helps you stream media from a single location without the need of using cables or other equipment. It also avoids the need to copy files to other devices, thus saving time, effort and storage space. Luckily, this product is free but it limits the number of available items per folder to 5. There is also a Pro version you can try for 14 days at no cost. Finally, you should also know that there is another app by the same developer, called ArkMC, which you can run on your mobile device to browse the share media contents.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports streaming to practically any device
  • Simultaneous smooth streaming to various devices
  • Avoids the need to use cables or copy files


  • Cannot share more than 5 items per folder
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