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AppZapper is a system maintenance tool, that can easily remove apps and files.
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AppZapper is a system maintenance tool that can easily remove apps and files. Uninstalling applications on the Mac is as easy as dragging an .app file to the trash. However, there are cases, when files still remain in your system after this. AppZapper is a full uninstallation tool that solves this problem.

It is arguably the most complete application of this kind available today. It has two working modes. By default the application shows the drag-and-drop area, where you can drop the applications, that you want to "zap" or delete. This is perhaps the easiest and fastest mode. The other mode is more complete and advanced. It can be accessed by clicking on the down arrow at the top of the application window. This brings about a larger window with the list of files in your system. From there, you can simply select the files and click on the "zap" button to delete them. At the top of the screen there are a couple of buttons that help you search for different file types. By default, you are shown everything, but you can narrow this down by clicking "applications", "preference panes", etc. There is also a search field where you can type in the name of the file, you want to find. And you can also narrow down files by size or date of the last use.

All in all, AppZapper isn't free, but it is the best tool for the job. It has a beautifully designed user interface. It is fast and responsive, and it can be used in a variety of ways to help you find the files you want to say good-bye to.

José Fernández
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