Apps On Sale Lite

Apps On Sale Lite 2.0

Mac App Store is growing fast, dozens of apps are going on sale every hour, scores of apps are added every day.

Apps on Sale Lite is a Mac app discount discovery and tracking application. Despite the addition of "Lite" to the title, usually indicative of shareware, no premium version of the app yet exists on the Mac App Store, and it functions perfectly well. The program lists both new and old discounts are sorted by category, with the ability to track specific applications through a "Favorites" feature.

Listing filtration of free vs. paid is available, as is price listing in international currencies. The interface largely emulates that of the Mac App Store with navigation icons and a search function up top, but the icon normally reserved for "Categories" is used for "New Apps". Additionally confusing, clicking one of the header icons takes the user to the item or category previously being browsed rather than a fresh overview of categories, forcing the user to use the back and forward buttons extensively to navigate. Still, the ability to sort on various fields, the ability to view the program description and copy its store link in-app, and the ability to choose to view view all discounts or just the new ones, are all helpful enough to make this app a useful one.

Sam's Protip: Sometimes the best deals are the ones that are almost, but not quite, free. Keep an eye out for heavily discounted apps in the Paid department.

Sam Lloyd
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  • None of the restrictions usually associated with "Lite" programs
  • Tracking supported through favorites system
  • Decent filtering and sorting capabilities


  • User interface somewhat cumbersome
  • List of free apps is not comprehensive
  • Bug with shrunken icons; window cannot be resized
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