AppLauncher 2.0

Gain quick access to all JMMC applications.
2.0 (See all)
Launch JMMC applications via a single interface providing quick login and startup options. Manage all custom and standard SAMP hubs. Get quick access to the apps in any Java-based environment, work with cross-platform components, import and export data, etc.

AppLauncher - Just quick launch your apps - nothing more!
No - no replacement for Alfred.
No - no replacement for Quicksilver.
No - no replacement for LaunchBar at all.
It's just a very simple app for quick (very quick!) launching your applications - nothing more!
It's no calculator, no clipboard manager and of course no toaster and coffeemaker.
It fits my needs - thats all :-)
All I want is to launch Apps as fast as possible. Period.
And hopefully it will fit your needs, too...

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