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Apeiron X is an exciting game that requires shooting worms down.
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Apeiron X is an exciting game developed by Ambrosia Software. The users are allowed to shoot down waves of worms, while avoiding the mushrooms. It uses 16-bit graphics, yet the interface is rather well polished than annoying. Basically, you are chased by a green worm, called Pentipede, and you have to shoot it down. The shooting field is full of mushrooms which require more than one hit and may contain power-ups. Killing the Pentipede isn’t easy, since once hit in any other area than head, it splits in two separate worms. Also, from time to time, the worm calls for allies, which are various animated creatures that chase you with a high speed. The layout of the game does not change with the increase of wave number, but only the color of the mushrooms. When you hit the worm, in the place you kill it will appear a new mushroom. Also, at the start of each wave, even more mushrooms appear, making it more difficult to hit the worm, but more likely to get power-ups. Additionally, you get bonus points if you finish the wave faster.

Briefly, Apeiron X is an exciting game that does not require any sophisticate knowledge, and can be played by kids too; the graphics are well polished, and you can enjoy the game without problems when killing time.

Dave Hattey
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