Anywhere Teacher

Anywhere Teacher 1.2

Captivate, motivate, and energize young minds with quality educational content.

Anywhere Teacher is designed to captivate, motivate, and energize young minds. The app is created for children ages 2 to 8. They are provided with a huge variety of choices, including books, games, videos, flash cards, music, and more. It’s a multisensory learning experience that keeps kids coming back again and again.

The intuitive interface and menus, combined with password-protected parental controls, make it remarkably easy to tailor activities to each child’s needs and to zero in on age-specific skills in reading, math, spelling, and more. The kids can access it from different devices at the same time – even a classroom – using unique and playful avatars. With each round of play kids develop skills and confidence that help create a lifelong love of learning. A safe, secure, ad-free environment makes it worry-free. The educational content rotates monthly.

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