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Free AnticTimeLite is an action game played in ancient Egypt.
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AnticTimeLite is an action game played in ancient Egypt in which you need to recover and rebuild the missing parts of the cat and fish collar. The levels in this game are crowded with ghost-like creatures that you need to defeat in order to retrieve these parts. The ghosts will constantly follow you wherever you go and they will shoot at you, and this will diminish your health. To replenish your health, you can collect relics hidden all around the scenes.

If you lose, you can either start the game from scratch or pay 500. This money is obtained by collecting gems the ghosts give you when you kill them or by collecting the eggs that appear all over the place.When you collect a significant amount of eggs and gems, you can get to the inventory and try to fill the relics with the collected items and once they are complete, you can sell them and get money. With that money you can later upgrade your weapons and get goodies. Unfortunately, the game has not very attractive graphics, very simple sounds, and no music.

In short, even though the graphics and sounds leave a lot to be desired, AnticTimeLite is an enjoyable and challenging game which may keep you entertained for a while.

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  • Challenging and enjoyable
  • Lots of eggs patterns and jewels
  • You can upgrade your guns
  • Free


  • Poor graphics and sounds
  • No music



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