Angry Birds Space

Latest in the chart-topping series, bringing you colorful, bird-flinging action with a zero-gravity twist!
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Angry Birds Space is the latest installment in the Angry Birds Series. The original Angry Birds game features a bunch of different angry birds who want to get revenge on the pigs. So, you use a slingshot to send them in flying against the pigs. There are different levels and they become harder and harder as you play. Rovio Entertainment created another masterpiece with Angry Birds Space. The game mechanics are very similar, but with one big change. The angry birds are now in space and they are affected by the gravity of celestial bodies, including moons and planets. The first few levels are easy enough that you can play them the same way you played the other Angry Birds games. The trajectory of the slingshot is shown in a red dotted line. But after the second or third level, you have to send the angry birds flying following a certain trajectory around a moon or planet. This is really easy once you get the hang of it. As you progress through the game, you will find that in certain levels you will have to hit enemies outside a body's gravitational field so that it falls inside it, and then hits another enemy inside, and things like that.

Angry Birds Space still is a great time killer. It has lots of levels, it is challenging, rewarding and fun.

There is a nice video that was shot in the International Space Station that explains some of the concepts of the game. It is a must-see.

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José Fernández
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  • Detailed gameplay mechanics
  • Stylized visuals
  • Humorous story
  • Challenging


  • Freezing animations

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This game really sounds interesting and challenging. This is the first non-classic version of Angry Birds that I really want to try. Hopefully I'll enjoy it.

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