Blood & Glory 2: Legend

Blood & Glory 2: Legend 2.0

A 3D arena fighting game with extreme violence.
Play as one of the contenders in the ancient arena. Develop your skills and attack or block, defeat enemies in brutal and realistic ways. Collect items to heal yourself or increase the damage or protection status. Customize controls and select multiple playing modes.

***If you are experiencing an initial loading screen hang and are currently on Mac OS Mountain Lion 10.8.2, please upgrade for free to 10.8.3 released on 14-March.***
***If you would like to customize the controls access the game settings from the main menu.***
Welcome to Blood & Glory Legend – the highly anticipated sequel to the AAA blockbuster smash-hit Blood & Glory! Return to the arena and bask in the blood-hungry cheers of the crowd as you fight to become a LEGEND!
The top-rated gladiator combat game continues with Blood and Glory: Legend! Equip lethal weapons and epic armor in your quest to achieve blood-soaked victory over the Emperor himself!
Journey through the Empire, leaving blood-thirsty bosses in your wake as the all new animated comic story unfolds!
The bleeding-edge graphics are optimized for the Retina Display of the MacBook Pro.
Perfect your skills and unleash stunning Special Attacks, Super Combos and the all new Glorious Strike! Enemies can now perform unblockable and undodgeable attacks so choose your defenses wisely!
Come back every day to earn free money and equipment! Complete battles ever day to earn even larger Bonus rewards!
Blood & Glory: Legend is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your iTunes account.

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