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Android File Transfer 1.0

Android File Transfer is a free utility that helps you transfer files.
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Android File Transfer is a free utility that helps you transfer files to your Android devices. As you may know, many Android phones can act as USB mass storage devices when connected to a PC. I bought an Android phone and when I connected it to my Mac, it wasn't mounted, so I did some researching and I found that Macs don't have the necessary drivers for Android phones. They are detected just fine, but not mounted. After installing this little gem, when I connect my phone, it is automatically mounted and a Finder window appears, showing me all the folders and files on my device.

Once a phone is connected and this application is running, you can simply drag and drop files both from the device and to it to transfer data. I have found that the connection is really fast, letting me transfer files of up to 100 megabytes almost instantly. Larger files take some more time, but not long.

There are no options available, which is something I often complain about when reviewing an application. In this case, though, I can say that no options are needed. The application performs this task quite well.

José Fernández
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