American History Lux

American History Lux 1.12

American History Lux is a turn-based strategy game.

American History Lux is a turn-based strategy game in which you need to place armies in order to conquer cities and get bonus areas. The more you conquer in one turn, the biggest your armies will be at the beginning of your next turn. This will allow you to conquer more territories and finally win the game. You can eliminate other players from the game by conquering all their territories, and you will get all the income they had, as well as their cards.
The game offers multiple wars to play as scenarios. You can learn a bit of the history and map rules before starting the game. There are also four difficulty levels to choose from. As you play, you will unlock other wars. You will have your armies scattered around your territory and you can move your soldiers to neighboring countries as you wish. When you fight against the enemies, you will lose soldiers, but you will also gain more if you conquer a new territory. When you have no more moves to make, you may end your turn and the other player can start playing. The game offers nice colorful graphics, simple sounds, and suitable music.
In short, if you like strategy and war games, you should definitely try American History Lux.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Enjoyable
  • Educational
  • Lots of wars to play
  • Four difficulty levels


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