Amelie's Café: Halloween

Amelie's Café: Halloween is a nice time-management game with a nice theme.
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Alawar Entertainment, Inc
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Amelie's Café: Halloween is a nice time-management game in which you need to help Amelie serve the customers what they want in all her creepy restaurants. The first thing you need to do is to take the order from customers and take it to the corresponding cook according to what the customer wants. When the food is ready, you need to take the meal to the customer. You should work faster in order to serve the customers as quickly as possible, so that they give you good tips. There are different types of customers and they all have different levels of patience, but if any of the customers leaves the place unsatisfied, you will need to start that level from scratch.

Every level has a certain money goal that you need to reach in the allotted time in order to proceed to the next level. If you exceed that money, you will get extra points for reaching the Expert level. As you progress in the game, you will have multiple menus to cook and many more customers coming at the same time. You also need to keep the cooks stations clean or they will not be able to continue cooking because of the mess. Moreover, the game offers lots of bonuses and mini-games to play, and achievements that you get by completing levels under certain conditions. The game offers great colorful graphics with cute characters, nice sounds, and very suitable music for the Halloween theme.

In short, if you like time-management games, I am sure you will definitely enjoy Amelie's Café: Halloween.

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  • Great theme
  • Nice graphics, sounds and music
  • Includes mini-games, bonuses and achievements
  • Challenging


  • Only one mode


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