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AIRTranslate is a desktop app that lets you use Google Translate.
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AIRTranslate is a desktop app that lets you use Google Translate. The app was made using Adobe AIR, which guarantees that it will work out of the box on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It allows you to use Google Translate from your desktop, without having to open a web browser. Or at least, in theory, that is what it is supposed to do. In my testing, I was unfortunately unable to get the application to translate a single word for me.

AIRTranslate consists of a single window with a text field and two drop-down fields. In the text field, you can type the text that you want to translate. The app can paste the text that you have on your clipboard automatically, which saves a little time. The first drop-down menu lets you select the source language (or use the auto-detect feature) and the second one lets you select what language you want to translate the text into. There are quite a few languages that you can choose from, but for your convenience the most popular languages are shown and you can access the rest by clicking on the "more" button.

In my testing, whenever I clicked on "Translate It!", the app would show "translating" for a long time, and after a while, it would display an error message that said that there was some sort of connection problem. In my opinion, the app can't establish a connection with Google Translate.

José Fernández
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