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Adobe DNG Converter 6.7

Convert your photographs to the DNG standard free of charge.
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The DNG graphics extension (Digital Negative) has been implemented in order to supply photographers with an open standard for handling raw image formats. Adobe's DNG Converter allows users to easily convert their photographs to the DNG standard free of charge.

The application features a robust and intuitive design with usage comprehensively divided. Users are required to input their image directory (optionally, the program will scan for images within subfolders, skip source images if destination image already exists), select the location where the converted images will be saved (when dealing with subdirectories, they can be preserved into the new location). Select the name for converted files; here, Adobe DNG Converter provides a choice of multiple presets to choose from like the addition of numbering, date, file name and more.

Program options allows users to specify Camera Raw compatibility versions, Jpeg preview settings (if present) as well as one of many compression / image size lossy compression algorithms available. DNG Converter may also embed the original Raw file inside the DNG output.

Adobe DNG Converter should suit all users working with the DNG format on a regular basis; it runs fast, can convert multiple Raw files at the same time and is free to use.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Simple to use
  • Support for a huge list of cameras
  • Custom compression settings


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