Adobe CS4 Deployment Toolkit

Adobe CS4 Deployment Toolkit 1.0

It automates the process of configuration of Creative Suite® 4.
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The Adobe® Creative Suite® 4 Deployment Toolkit automates the process of configuration of Creative Suite® 4
editions and components installation across an enterprise.
It provides the following features:
• An intuitive workflow that enables you to select products, installation language, and shared and supporting components
• The option to suppress the end-user license agreement (EULA), registration, and update notifications at the
client machines
• Validation of serial numbers against the specified installer during configuration
• An executable file for ease of deployment
• Capability to delete the installer from the client machine after installation
• Compatibility with Microsoft® Systems Management Server (SMS) and Apple Remote Desktop™ (ARD) to
provide enterprise-wide deployment
The toolkit creates a package that helps deploy the Creative Suite 4 edition or components installer at client machines
using SMS or ARD. A package is a directory that contains the following files:
Deployment files The AdobeUberInstaller.xml and AdobeUberUninstaller.xml files contain the configuration
information (products to install and location to install).
Executable files The AdobeUberInstaller and AdobeUberUninstaller executable files are used to silently install or
uninstall Creative Suite 4 applications. The executable files use the configuration information specified in the
deployment files when they are run.

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